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A marriage NO! It has been a living hell but somehow I love her but would never do this again :. Im sorry to say but i believe your story is complete bullshit. Also whats upwith the whole 'i would kiss him, im not gonna brush my teeth and im gonna make out with him' bs. If any of that were even remotely true i doubt very much that you would be contemplating staying with her because she would be a sick, evil and twisted bitch and no one in their right mind would be able to look beyond that.

Limited imagination, boring and non-sensible. Your one sick puppy buddy!!! Let her to fuck. You als ofuck hardly. Enjoy her. Say her dont miss me. Then u throw her.

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This story is a fabrication. It doesn't ring true. Only a self-lathing person would stay with someone like that and no one would hand a neighbor a video of himself fucking that man's wife and not be expecting a bullet in the brain. So, yourstory is immature bullshit, but I only hope that one day your fat, ugly woman does much the same to you, because you really deserve it.

You're are obviously a used car salesman. I am inclined to believe this story is either fabricated or grossly exaggerated! Why would any REAL man allow himself to be whipped like a bitch by their neighbor? It might be embarrassing for him to have her cheating exposed - as among most guys it means the husband is not "man enough. All women have deeply concealed sexual fantasies, just like men.

Sometimes all it takes to start something sexual is for a "key event" to occur that suddeny unlocks those fantasies or creates a situation that is too hard to resist. I had a client with whom I discussed her regretful affair witha man who was supposed to be her husband's best friend. Him being at their house often, disarmed her husband's defensive instincts and he was acknowledgably blind to what was happening.

She described herself as one who would never cheat on her husband. She was a virgin when they met and she always felt her sex life was great and fulfilling. The key event to crossing the line came when her husband's best friend "XXX" stopped by to say goodbye to her husband as he left on a five day business trip.

XXX was a contractor and he agreed to help out a friend with repair work at solely material costs. Most people would ask themselves and the friend why he wouldn'twant to be paid for his work, as that's how he supports his own family. Not her husband. The poor guy was blind or in denial that anything could happen.

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After an afternoon of work the wife offered him dinner. During dinner he asked if he could soak in their Jacuzzi to rest his sore muscles. She agreed and after watching him out the window and pacing because she knew anything could affect her marriage. She eventually put on a bikini and joined him in the hot tub. They were in there for about an hour when he said he was done and going to get out. Their conversation was nothing sexual or flirtatious at all. When XXX stepped from the pool, it was the first time she saw he was partially erect and was in her words, "astonished" at how big his penis was.

As he toweled off he began doing a "towel change" to cover himself, but she said, "You don't have to hide that thing from me. She had never seen a man who had no pubic hair and she liked it. She asked him how he shaved without cutting "things. The conversation and him touching himself in front of her made him fully erect. Her response to him was, "That thing's huge XXX. He looked at her and said, "Now what? I like it. That was followed by kisses and any thoughts of her husband left her mind. She said, "I could put my mouth on it if you want. A very poor excuse for infidelity and the hurtful damage it can cause!

I have counseled many women and couples over the last 15 years and almost every women when interviewed alone said that as a woman the size of a large erection that is visually appealing is almost impossible to turn down or let walk away. She said she realized the considerable size difference between XXX and her husband was something that overpowered her. It is a sad reality that the size of a man's erection is completely out of his control, but women prefer a visually exciting and a powerfully "rock hard" penis over most "average" sized men. There are way more average penises out there than there are impressively large ones, so most women fall in love and just accept the package that comes with the man.

All the men I interviewed without their wives present felt they were good to very good in bed and their erect penises were always "above average. XXX enjoyed oral sex from her and for the first time in her life, she allowed him to ejaculate into her mouth. She hesitated but he lifted her chin and looked at her saying, "Well? They had sexual intercourse twice that evening and every evening for the next four days. She rationalized how she was "just helping him out" by never having sex in their marital bed.

The floor and couch were workable enough that she was able to move and flex her pelvis in a way that she could feel he had run out of room inside her and gave her several posterior and anterior fornix orgasmsthat she had never experienced before. Those orgasms combined with XXX's sometimes painfully large erection, created a sense of "addiction" for her.

Their affair continued on for almost 10 months before XXX relocated. My client did not have any desire to find another lover and she was then frustrated by her husband's inability to recreate the sexual excitement and dominance that she and most women love. Yes men, we want to feel taken by you.

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Feel your weight and the sense of being pinned to the bed from the inside, while also feelinghow much we love you. I have seen her occasionally over the last 9 years and her marriage is still strong. She finally lost the drive she felt for XXX and his large erection and was perfectly content with her home and husband. She ameliorated her guilt with loving care for her husband and never told him. They have not seen XXX since then. I know all men who are cheated on are pained, hurt, feeling emasculated and their trust has been shattered.

Their personal image of their marriage, love, sexual ability and their partner is changed forever. Many men can work through it all, but most cannot. I have never had a client or even heard of a man who so detailed the sexual acts and his wife's purported excitement and engagement in sexual acts she refuses with him. Men with a cuckold fetish and an agreeable spouse or other are mental masochists who enjoy torturing themselves with the pain of watching or assisting in his wife's infidelity. Only then will men usually find positive delight in being emotionally shattered byconvincing himself that his wife is better than he is and she deserves a "superior lover.

People who write failed erotica by trying to convince the reader that he is a victim are acting out the humiliation they need but do not receive. He wants to feel as if he's protecting his wife's honor and preventing others from seeing the supposed "DVD," but the pain and embarrassment are long over. It's time to call the other jackass' bluff and pursue legal remedies.

Cheating Wife

Just my advice. My apologies for so much reading! First off, That neighbor would have a bullet in his head for trying to blackmail me. Then the wife would. Fake story. Go to hospital and seek for help. You are in mental disorder. IF this story is true but it isn't but if yes , your wife is the worst whore and you are the biggest moron ever borned.

If the story is true, your wife seemed very remorseful for her horrible actions and doesn't want to lose you. I would give her a chance but seek marital counseling. Keep in mind though, that once trust is broken, the offending spouse has to work hard restore that trust, because the offended one will naturally wonder if it's going to happen again some day.

‎cheating wives, a list of films by mavera • Letterboxd

She needs to understand that. Want to Cheat I cheated on my boyfriend I cheated on my husband I cheated on my girlfriend I cheated on my wife My boyfriend cheated on me My husband cheated on me My girlfriend cheated on me My wife cheated on me I was the other man I was the other woman Order by. Subscribe to Stories:. Thank you for voting. Please, share this story:. Read More Stories in This Category. Monday, October 12, PM. Friday, October 23, PM. Tuesday, November 10, PM.

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